With the prevailing global crisis, what is your personal opinion on how the future of work will affect your business operations?

Many operations will be based on staff working from home, as such operations will be run managed / controlled virtually

According to you, which emerging technologies will be most crucial and relevant to the dynamic changes at work?

Virtual office / cloud / online security / digital payment

How do you think change management and HR policies will cater to the needs of employee welfare and engagement to effectively adapt to the future work culture?

Less face to face training /engagement session, more online. KPIs / balance score cards will be fine-tuned to new norm.

What are the main challenges in evolving into the future of work operations with respect to WFH, Remote Work and Virtual Employees formats?

Cost of infrastructure, laptops, VPN, online office, etc. Broadband connection at home may not be as good / as strong. Online meeting will be challenging when everyone wants to talk!

How do you suggest organizations will deal with business confidentiality, cyber threats, safety and security concerns which are crucial factors for the changing work operating models?

Have strong policy, change management and governance

How do you feel attendees will benefit from Future WorkTech Forum?

Understand the new norm, how to adapt / adjust personal and work live.