Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of individuals for self-improvement and the advancement of an organisation. With Public Training & In-House Training, BII WORLD enables you to meet your training needs when you are looking a training partner.

Our certified trainings are a closed-door, exclusive initiatives that bring world renowned industry experts to share their knowledge through highly interactive sessions and case studies that combine small-group exercises, self-assessments, and the latest learning practices that can help you further develop the skills, get certified and increase innovation in strategies and products resulting in financial gains for the organisation.

Inspired by recognised industry experts and based on comprehensive global experiences, we develop our own training and methods. Our programmes are designed to develop an understanding based on practical and insightful practices that can be applied in the workplace.

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This 3- day advanced course also aims to provide the participants with a thorough understanding of: a) The various damage mechanisms that can affect fixed equipment. b) The type and extent of damage that can be expected. c) How this knowledge can be applied to the selection of effective inspection methods to detect size and characterize damage.

This intensive Two Day Course – Generating Value in Generics: The Road Ahead will shed light on the challenges and opportunities that the global generic drug developers are facing and discuss some of the most useful approaches that might contribute to better planning, designing, and executing the development of generic and super generic drugs towards a successful submission and approval within the planned costs and time.


The planning, preparation and execution of a turnaround is a complex undertaking that demands an effective strategy, a high degree of control and great attention to detail. It also requires a profound understanding of the critical elements that go to make up a turnaround and the drivers and constraints that shape the event. This requires involvement of every level of the company from senior management who set the framework for the event through to the craft personnel who perform the actual work.

This Pharmaceutical Product & Process Lifecycle Management two day course aims to provide an insight into the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical product and process lifecycle concept. Discussion on pharma trends towards a higher complexity of multiple, specialized products with a smaller volume combined with technology trends such as continuous manufacturing and digitization towards manufacturing based on Industry 4.0 principles.

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Hear from our clients

Excellent Presentation. Very knowledgeable, with a lot of real world experience to apply to scenarios and principles discussed.


The trainer was clearly able to explain various tools and models for developing whole of life cycle costing

Energy Australia

Good training and excellent presentation. Covered all the Asset Management topics which will be useful for my professional life.


Excellent Training Session. Would definitely recommended it.


Very Knowledgeable trainer. He has a good understanding and practical approach, which he brings to his trainings.


Really Enjoyable and informative course. The 3-day version would have been even better. GO TO THE ALL BLACKS !!


Really good knowledge base and very good presenter. Only wish we could have done full course for more time. Also Very interested in the leadership course.


Great coverage in reinforcing of material. Case studies were great, if it was possible to present NZ CS, That would have enhanced it.



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